Welcome to the spectropic world of Professor Singleton Purblind… co-founder of The Gaslight Troubadours and now solo artist, producer and purveyor of esoteric electronica.

My debut solo album ‘The Spectropic Illusions Of… Professor Purblind’ is out now! Here is a video to accompany the track ‘Blue Spirit Blues’ featuring Marc Almond…

Marc Almond

PLEASE NOTE: The limited edition CD of The Spectropic Illusions sold out well before album release date. However I will be releasing a new batch (once again limited in number) on Monday 5th September via Bandcamp again. I’ll post a direct link to purchasing the CDs here and on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can purchase a limited edition CD copy of the album now by following the link below:


It’s only limited to 100 copies once again.

Many thanks to all those who bought the first batch and have written such nice things about it. I’ll post a few on here eventually.

Update 31/10/2016:

As it’s Halloween I couldn’t resist doing a special video for The House Is Haunted featuring Marc Almond so here you go!

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