A Happy 2017 to everyone!

To celebrate the start of the new year, I’ve uploaded my remix of English Folk Star Eliza Carthy’s track ‘Blood On My Boots’ from her 2011 album ‘Neptune’. I did the remix purely because I loved the original tune. It’s from Eliza’s most carnivalesque album, so definitely my cup of tea! You can hear it via the link below:


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.31.22

The new debut solo album by Professor Singleton Purblind is due for release on Monday 8th August 2016. Entitled The Spectropic Illusions of… Professor Publind, it features guest contributions by iconic guitarist Neal X and legendary vocalist Marc Almond.

  1. The Dead Return (feat. Neal X)
  2. The House is… (feat Marc Almond)
  3. I’m A Ghost
  4. Penetrating The Veil
  5. Masterminds of Science
  6. Tricks With Their Minds
  7. Blue Spirit Blues (feat Marc Almond)
  8. The Lifeless Undead
  9. The Mark Of Fear
  10. Transmitting The Star
  11. Into The Spirit World
  12. Mind Over Matter

For preorder links and the first exclusive audio previews, please head over to the music section.

Please note: The limited edition CD of my album has now sold out. The digital album is now available at Bandcamp and other outlets. Please go to the Professor’s music page to order.

Radio Plays!

Fantastic to hear Blue Spirit Blues featuring Marc Almond played on the Tom Robinson Show on BBC 6Music last Saturday (23rd July 2016) The Tom Robinson Show on 6Music

This was followed by the always eclectic (and another supporter of The Gaslight’s) Gideon Coe playing The Dead Return featuring Neal X on Monday (25th July) Gideon Coe on 6Music

Blue Spirit Blues was once again played by Tom Robinson last Saturday (30/7/2016) and mentioned that I will be appearing in person on his show next week to talk about my tracks with Marc Almond and curate some of his lesser known musical gems. Here’s a link to the last show (it’s only streamed for a week, but you still see the track listings after that) Tom Robinson BBC 6Music Show

Gideon Coe seems to like the The Dead Return featuring Neal X and played it again last night (Tuesday 2nd August) on his BBC 6Music weekday evening show. He very kindly plugged the album, which is due out next Monday. Here’s the link: Gideon Coe’s BBC 6Music Show

It was fantastic to be asked to curate an hour of Marc Almond’s lesser known gems from his back catalogue, on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6Music show last Saturday (6th August). Tom also played ‘A Newly Created Being’ from The Gaslights, and also ‘Blue Spirit Blues’ featuring Marc on the new album.

Tom & Prof BBC 6Music

Here’s the link to the show. It isn’t up all that long, but maybe I’ll be able to find a way to stream it on here eventually, if the BBC agrees! Professor Purblind on Tom Robinson Show BBC 6Music

It’s been fantastic that Gideon Coe has played ‘The Dead Return‘ three times on his BBC Radio 6 Music show. Gideon’s show really is essential listening for fans of all types of independent and left field music. Definitely worth checking out. It’s Monday to Friday from 9pm until 12.

Was fabulous to hear Tom Robinson play a different track from the album last Saturday evening (17th September) and say that the album was “extraordinary”. He played ‘Tricks With Their Minds‘ (a personal favourite) and you can listen back via this link for the next week or so… http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07w19kb

On Saturday 29th October Tom Robinson invited Marc Almond to discuss his brand new box set Trials Of Eyeliner which features an exclusive collaborative track between us (The Gaslight Troubadours) and Marc called ‘Eros & Eye’. It was great to hear Tom play this and also Marc say such nice things about myself and The Gaslights in general. You can listen back for a week or so by following the link below: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b080xtdw

The second limited CD run of the album has now SOLD OUT! There are only 200 in existence. You never know, it may become a collector’s item one day… Many thanks to all those who purchased a copy and proved to me that people still want physical copies of music. And for anyone that’s come back to me with positive feedback, it’s really appreciated.

I’m now working on new tunes… watch this space!